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Simplicity + Web

Search stock ratings without the clutter.

Equity Set Data provides proprietary stock research reports in a simplified, easy-to-read manner. With so much data available within the financial world it is extremely easy to be overloaded. The reports are a blend of our award-winning model that shows an overall rating, a fair value price and the '9 key criteria' along with other useful company metrics. As a web-based application the reports are readily available whenever and wherever you need them.


Built for an on-the-go audience.

The reports are built for an on-the-move group. Real traders, investors, and financial decision makers need to make split second decisions no matter where they might be. Whether you are at the office using a 27" desktop or at home researching the reports on a phone or tablet, the reports are made responsive in order to scale to any device you may be using. With a unique UX designed for each breakpoint, we ensure that at every device level information is accessible and optimal for an easy-to-absorb experience.

Platform + Features

Individual Stock Reports, Comparison Dashboard, & Research Center

The entire purpose of the platform is to provide an easy to search, enter, and find function when it comes to companies and their stocks. This pairs with the innovative and award-winning model of ranking stocks based on fair value, fundamental and technical data. The layout and way the information is presented allows any user to utilize the functionality correctly and in the most efficient manner. Our users already have a sense of the markets and an idea of what they are looking to invest in, they are simply looking for a reliable second opinion. Adding onto this is the ability to perform a side-by-side comparison of two equities along with the opportunity to find better potential investments within the research center.

The Report

Aligning the odds.

Equity Set reports are based on the premise that while there are tons of factors to consider when investing, there are only a few key ones that help to dictate the majority percentage success of an investment. Why pick a stock that only has half of its factors 'bullish'? We are all about ‘aligning’ the odds. The more ‘bullish’ factors you have going for a company, the higher probability that the investment will turn out to be a positive one. Vice versa on the ‘bearish’ side. The report consists of six main sections:
Summary, Company Info, Price Data, Competitors, Fundamentals, & Technicals.

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